I take pictures. Many. Photography has always been my chosen medium of creative expression. As I walk through this life I see much of it through the lens, images are made or taken, depending on the day and the situation. Like everything in life, image making is no exception, a lot can be planned, pre conceived and carried out technically and pragmatically, with most elements under my control. Or, spontaneous and unplanned – a moment captured. Moments captured spontaneously have a flavour that cannot be prepared or delivered on cue -the sole requirement is an awareness of what is going on around me and these magic moments are everywhere. To me this is the art and the joy of photography.

Apart from the necessary knowledge of whatever camera I am using, today I am less concerned with technique and value composition and the use of light as key components to my imagery.

My background in film and hand printing stamped me with a penchant for strong black and white images, and for people, street and a lot of landscape I gravitate towards monochrome. The artistry now available in the digital darkroom has me hooked.

Based in Lightning Ridge, the sharp inland light, harsh and gritty landscape and stunning big outback skies gives me free reign with both colour and monochrome. I can never tire of the openness of the people and the terrain.

My works are now a combination of SLR and iPhoneography. There is something about mobile photography and editing that invites a kind of reckless creativity, if you get it right and the image comes to life, its really something else. Life is mobile, moments are fleeting, it’s not about the equipment but what is captured, created and presented that matters.

Viki Murray